Acronym: "You are so blessed." Usually ironic, in response to another's self-aggrandizing statement. Internet orig.; when prounounced: "Yasub."
"I saw the most amazing show last night--we witnessed the birth of another American original."

by UwGa August 9, 2009
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an acronym for the phrase "you're a stupid bitch"
if you are in a confrontation over the internet and you don't feel like spelling out you're a stupid bitch, you simply put YASB.

-yo you dont even know wat you're talkn about, YASB!
by Jonas Rossum March 17, 2008
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Yasbely is a dumb but cool girl she never responds her phone because she eats all day
Dang yasbely u dumb as hell it u stilll cooolllll
by Watermelloooonnnn September 24, 2018
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