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-Young Bitches In Charge;

A rap-music related movement group formed January 1st, 2012 by two 18 year old female rap artists in Atlanta, Georgia.

The groups existence is for females in the rap industry (rappers, DJs, dancers, writers, etc) who meet all of the following requirements:

Impeccable style/taste, book/street smarts, goals/beliefs, and strong, positive minds that can overcome any obstacle.

Y.B.I.C strives to be very sweet, angelic, and elegant.. But at the same time behind the scenes they are making a killing on the low.

New members of Y.B.I.C must be approved into the group by one of the two founding members. Find them. There is an official list.

The most sported color by Y.B.I.C is Pink.
Jarred: Damn dude, check those bad bitches over there in the corner! I'm bringing all those hoes home tonight.

Samuel: Hahaha good luck... That's Y.B.I.C they dont fuck with ANYBODY. I've tried 5 times this week. Can't pull even one!
by xomarybaby January 11, 2012
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