A question and answer website made by Yahoo! where anybody with a yahoo mail account can join and help others for points and ask questions by spending the earned points. Questions are most likely to be answered and sometimes the answers could be useless. Many categories of questions are answered. Some question can be very dumb where people could find it by researching the internet but choose not to. The website is full of spammers that will tell you to join websites. Eventually you get reported and all your hard work is gone because your account gets banned for spamming multiple times or cursing.
These are some examples of any kinds of Qs and As you would find in Y! Answers

Spammed answer

Q: I do i get a ps3 at cheap price?
A: Oh use this website and u can get it for free: "referral link or scam site"

Bad answer

Q: Why did _____ happen to me?
A: google it
A: idk, maybe because of ____, but im not sure

Dumb question
Q:How much does a macbook cost?
A: $1000
A: google it dumb a$$

Not a question question

Q: Earn free stuff!!???
description: hey join this site under me: example.com/refer/nolifespammer

Opinion question
Q: what should i get, a ps3 or xbox?
A: xbox, ps3 gay
A: ps3, xbox gay
by bhargavat August 22, 2010
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