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Xynthantion is a character created for the "Action Menz!" and "W&M Comics" series created by John Watson and Andrew Montez.

He is portrayed as a young, geeky American man with a large passion for anything technological or fantasy. His main occupation is as a sidekick to Paco El Tango on their show "Paco El Tango and the mysteries of the modern universe show", a bizarre cryptozoology show in which Xynthantion and Paco hunt down demons, aliens and other strange creatures and expose them to the world, often resulting in humorous and often disastrous results.

A humble man, Xynthantion is very caring and very dedicated to his beliefs. His father is a tough, cold and crude military commander who often belittles Xynthantion for his passions and never understands his choices. The contrast between father and son is often a focal point in the show with Xynthantion, who only wants to impress him.

Despite the strong and caring personality portrayed, he is often the brunt of humiliating jokes in the show either from recurring characters such as the demons; Goatie, Crabbie & Sharkie or a situation that is out of his hands.
Xynthantion: PACO! Look, it's the Goat Demon!
Paco El Tango: Holy #%^& ese, get the camera!
Xynthantion: We're rolling!
by Theodore P. Goat October 26, 2011
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