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A Xulio is a male that closely resembles a frog's penis. By this I do not mean he is the gentile of an amphibian, but more or less his efforts produces little things that mean a whole lot.
A Xulio can also be identified as a Fax Machine. He is essential in any productive want of accomplishment, and when I call his cell phone sometimes it emanates sounds of a Fax Machine.
Xulio’s social life can be identified as a small group of people that open up to him, but he doesn’t open up to many.
Xulio’s are the most amazing man you’ll ever meet. He is not only caring and will do anything for the woman (or man? :) that he loves, but shows it in a fairytale, picture-perfect way. He blows his spouses mind away.
Xulio’s have Smiley Spoons and are part of the RainbowMermaCorn Committee.
He also is a close relative of the prehistoric Mr.X.Asoarus.Rex.
Hey, did you see that Xulio?! He is a frog-penis-like fax machine, understanding stud-muffin, Spiley-spoon-owning RainbowMermaCorn Mr.X.A.Soarus.Rexing Dinosoar!! :D
by Adelaide11111 February 06, 2010
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