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1: Xtract: Shorthand for extract or as some companies use the X in Xtract as an unknown variable as a symbol of infinite possibly and the tract as a sound variation of "tracked" to make the play on words and concepts of tracking infinite possibilities.

2: To "Xtract" is to bail on an X-rated situation, such as leaving your crazy date in bed before sex or to get a friend or acquiescence out of a similar situation.

3: Xtract, or as he is more commonly referred to as "Big X" Is the undisputed protection warrior champion on the World of Warcraft US-Deathwing server and most powerful being to exist in the last 500 years. Xtract has calculated every digit of Pi and celebrated by beating Thrall over the head with his own boots. Xtract holds the record for Brewfests' longest keg stand. Xtract once found Ghostcrawler in Arathi Highlands, and with a blacksmith hammer, crit him for such a large number that it deleted his account and erased his very existence on the forums. While never fathering any children of his own his bastard children number in the hundreds.
1: That company Xtract can keep track of any data you send to them.

2:"Aww dude, I needed to Xtract my friend from that situation with that ugly girl last night."

3:"Hey man did you hear that Xtract once killed 5 Horde players with a mining pick?"
by Sound_And_Fury July 28, 2011
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