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Xigga - noun

Xigga (pronounced: zigga) is an informal slang term used to refer to a person who is of mixed Chinese & Black heritage.

The term is constructed by removing the "Ni" from "Nigga", an informal slang term for Blacks, and replacing it with "Xi" which is, among other things, a common Chinese surname.

While the term may generally refer to those who are of mixed Chinese x Black decent it may also be used to refer to those of any East Asian x Black ethnic melanger

Some may consider it a pejorative and be offended.
A: Did you hear, Michelle Chen and D'Angelo are getting married
B:They're gonna have lots of Xigga babies!

Black guy: Wah gwan mah xigga?
Black Asian: Quiet nigga.

God damn xiggas!

Xiggas stole my hydrofluorination reactor vessel!

A notable characteristic of xiggas is they are extremely smart and extremely ghetto. A dangerous combination.
by rzhhhh November 12, 2011
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