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A girl that is extremely beautiful and caring but at the same time very intelligent. A Xhilda is loved by many, her personality and infectious laugh makes it impossible to not want to be near her. Her beauty is one of a kind, with gorgeous eyes a bright smile and beautiful hair that looks great without any effort. She also has a beautiful body with a hip to waist ratio that must be pretty close to the grecian ideal. She is usually a very good girl but can be a bit devilish when she wants to be, forgetting about her good girl image and just letting loose and doing whatever she wants. Xhilda is also a great friend, always looking at the good in people and willing to do whatever it takes to make a situation the best it can be.
Guy1- Look at that girl!
Guy2-Shes hot!
Guy1-Yea she is but I heard she is really smart too!
Guy2-Her name must be Xhilda
by Webster28 December 24, 2010
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