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Xeray is a fun,crazy,wild girl . She is a loyal best friend and she can keep your secrets but she can be so charming until you get on her bad side .. ‼️
Xeray : FIGHT ME !!
by fam0us._xe on musically . June 11, 2018
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Xeray ,Xeray is a lovable,funny girl.She is bold and she will love to keep her "boyfriend or "girlfriend" even her best friend happy.She can be the most down and she will still try to make everyone happy.She is smart, beautiful, wonderful to be around, caring, and has the most beautiful eyes and smile anyone has ever seen. She is also a little nerdy, but incredibly attractive at the same time. Xeray can sometimes shy but very friendly.She is the type, you can't stop thinking about & she is always on your mind constantly.She is are all you ever think of, and all you want in your life.You want to be with her forever.Being in her arms makes you the happiest person alive. Just kissing her makes your heart melt inside.

^Xeray^ , Please im begging . . . :c publish this .
by Lillian The Armadillo August 28, 2018
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