The technical definition is sexual attraction toward the unknown, or that which is different.

Those who identify as Xenophiliacs typically feel sexual desires for one or more fictional races of aliens, mutants, or other sentient beings that are not human in movies, books, etc

It is not limited to any gender or sexuality.
Girl one: Damn - did you see Turtles in Time? There were Raphaels everywhere!

Girl two: Ewwww! He's a mutant freak!

Girl one: You know I'm a xenophiliac. Besides, he's better looking than your boyfriend!
by RougeCheval November 3, 2011
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Someone who is disproportionately attracted to foreign ladies. The foreign aspect will override many other faults in a potential mate.
Jonny was nonplussed by the new girl, until he found out she was Polish. Jonny then immediately proclaimed he would like to get right through her and give her a jolly good felching. Jonny concluded that he must be a xenophiliac.
by Walshie635 May 10, 2018
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