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Xbooks is a hidden way of saying that someone or a group of people plays Dungeons and Dragons. Xbooks is a combination of Xbox and books, which is how Dungeons and Dragons is played. It can be used as a noun or verb. However, it is also, but less frequently, known to be an interjection when used before someone is about to say Dungeons and Dragons.

Noun: The use of Xbooks as a noun protects the dignity of the player in the eyes of the public which has defined anyone who plays Dungeons and Dragons as a super nerd or a Persona non Grata.

Verb: As a verb Xbooks provides a way to articulate the actual event of playing Dungeons and Dragons while, as previously stated, protecting the dignity of the player.

Examples on the Usage of Xbooks in the English Language:

Noun Example:
Mother: What are you kids playing?
Son and friends: X...books? Yea, Xbooks, like the xbox only with books!

Verb Example:
Dwarf Warlord: I hope we can Xbooks at Nick's house again. He has Mountain Dew!
Elf Warlock: Xbooksing is soo much fun at Nick's!

Interjection Example:
Human Wizard: Yes! The new tiles are out for our Dungeons a-!
Dragonborn Cleric: XBOOKS!!! *looks around to see no one heard*
by Welchinator February 14, 2009
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