The definition of a stinky individual.

Their stench wafts up all the way to 84th street, where Regis students must cope with it.

It is unfortunate for all those who reside in Manhattan, because the Xavier stench is like a pestilence just waiting for the opportune moment to strike and unleash its fury.
Person 1: Salutations. Where do you go to high school?

Person 2: I go to Xavier High School.

Person 1: Wow, a Xavier kid, huh?

Person 2: Yeah, got a problem?

Person 1: No, it's just that I can smell loser in the air, and I think you are emitting this stench.

Person 2: Hey! That's not nice!

Person 1: What can I say, I cannot disagree with the laws of science.
by CarolynTheMan May 09, 2009
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