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Pronounced "ex-ard anne-o-dit c-reh-d-e."
Created on the 5/8/10 full name for your 1st ever credit card if your finding it difficult to name one. The name originates from a Msn conversation 3 friends were having. One of them was so exited about getting her 1st ever credit card so she let her 2 friends decide its name in honour of this. One friend randomly thought Anodit and the other Creddy so they were the original names but then Xard was a spelling mistake which one of the friends made it was ment to stand for card but it sounded gd so it was added to the name. And that was how the name came about =
Person: wag1 can i pay for this using Xard Anodit Creddy?
Shopkeeper: ya you can person
Person: ight klkl *enters card enters pin stuff paid for gets recipt walks out shop*
by Hyperfriends August 07, 2010
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