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A Drug/Alcohol concoction created by comedian Doug Stanhope. The instructions for creating a Xanadoo were first explained by Stanhope on the "The Opie and Anthony Show" sometime in 2007 (or possibly 2008).

A Xanadoo consists of:

Equal parts Xanax and Psychedelic Mushroom caps, ground (usually with a coffee grinder), and poured into Jagermeister shots.

Aside from Stanhope himself and maybe a few unreported cases, the effects of a Xanadoo are largely unknown. Most likely they are (at least) a combination effects from all of its ingredients. I.E. tripping, relaxation, euphoria, blurred vision, and coordination problems.
ThePersonWhoTalks1: What's a Xanadoo?

ThePersonWhoTalks2: Did you even read the definition?

ThePersonWhoTalks1: No.

ThePersonWhoTalks2: Look it up on Urban Dictionary, fag.

ThePersonWhoTalks3: Never consume a Xanadoo.


ThePersonWhoTalks4: Yo bro! You wanna try a Xanadoo?

ThePersonWhoTalks5: DUDE, TOTALLY!!1!!1
by TheyAin'tNobody August 31, 2010
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