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In 2291 when 'Consensual murder' is legalized Xan Kriegor rose up from the underbelly of society and began to compete in the Liandri Tournament, later renamed the Unreal Tournament. Having already been infamous more numerous winnings in former tournaments, it was no surprise to see him become the winner of the first tournament. He leads the Liandri Corporation sponsored team - "The Corrupt". Yet it 2293, Malcolm, a human, unseats Xan who goes into a hiatus at the Liandri Corporation Headquarters for upgrades. Then in 2303 (year of Unreal Tournament 2004). Gorge who'd defeated Malcolm the year before, Malcolm himself, and Xan Kriegor all have their own sponsored teams and compete in the tournament.
Xan Kriegor, supposed leader of the Liandri Corporation.

Xan Kriegor, bitched by Malcolm.

Xan Kriegor, back for revenge.
by BonusStage March 09, 2006
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Head of Liandri Mining Corporation, current champion in Unreal Tournament
Xan runs Liandri Mining Corporation.
Xan is a bot.
Xan wears battlesuit.
by ch1zra November 20, 2003
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