A gangster playa version of the word 'explosive'. commonly used by teenage boys who think they are down with black gangster shambo talk. Is also a song by doctor dre which is also popular in the teenage wigga community. these wigga's can be dubbed 'XXPLOSIVE'
wigga: XXPLOSIVE, west coast shit my nigga...
hot biddy: uh what..?
wigga: ohhh jslutt jslutt..that's your name yeh?
hot biddy: just keep listening to dre ok.....
by hotto June 21, 2006
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That one song by Dr.dre that is really good
another way to say "Explosive"
Person 1 : That is Xxplosively Good!
Person 2 : What do you mean by Xxplosive?
Person 1 : Its another way to say "Explosive!"
Person 2 : Oh i'll be using that alot now, thanks!
by lyiam10 June 15, 2024
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