The true act of expressing “fake depression” or being depressed over hearing a sad song.

(Mainly based off the rapper XXXTentacion)
Justin: “ Where has Devon been? He’s been very quiet lately.”
Tyler: “I’m guessing he’s probably X Depressed”

Literally after XXXTentacion died everyone went into a sense of depression (no hate or whatever) and listening to all his sad songs (or other sad songs by other artists)
by seanon July 18, 2019
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The sickness caused by living sandwiched in perpetual fear first created by the boomers and now them and their millennial spoiled brat kids crying the world is over since start of life . Also starting to effect Gen Z who also have been given no reason not to party like it just doesn't matter.
First it was the threat of nukes killing us and now the have to hear the same never ending crap about the environment from the same people and their kids as well, I hope my depression X doesn't get as bad as Kurt's or I'll end up chewing on a shot gun too.
by dubeswiggins March 27, 2020
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