Supposed "rock" music that is a contradition in and of itself. Music that is not about expressing the raw emotion or energy that is rock, but instead a kind of masterbatory limp sadness. Some of the best rock contains elements of sadness and helplessness, but honestly express their frustrations through modes of both melancholic somberness as well as ventilative "rocking out." Instead of regaining one's power through the "rock", "Wuss rock" does the very opposite and allows the crybaby whose girlfriend dumped him to continue crying into his perfume-scented pillow.
Good Charlotte, A Simple Plan, and generally songs about how she left you're so sad.
by Hypnodrone April 2, 2005
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Pop rock songs, propelled to Top 40 status by low testosterone members of the population. They are usually maudlin and involve a idealized view of romace,love, loss and unattainable lovers. Similar and sometimes identical to Power Ballads, but usually less over produced. One old school example is Randy Van Warmer's AM radio hit "Just when I Need You Most" from 1979.
Man, my Dentist always has the Wuss Rock channel dialed in on his office Sirius Satellite Channel. I hate it here, at least the Hygenist is kinda foxy.
by ufohead1 February 4, 2009
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The lowest form of rock. This musical genre is all about making songs about how much they love any random person that pops up, so they can write 500 songs about them. These bands all sound the same and are usually a group of try-hards.
The Killers, Maroon 5, Coldplay, Wolfmother, Evermore are all Wuss Rock
by Unknown Unit October 26, 2006
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