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That extremely annoying thing that your gran does when she grabs your cheek and shakes it and says you're cute etc...

Also a version where smeone holds your mouth open, spurts in it and does the same action with both cheeks
Gran- Oh James, you've grown so much
James- ok Gran, just don't wuggie me
*Fred turns up to class with a huge red mark on his cheek*
Rich- dude, you and your girl have a fight?
Fred- na, I just went to a party, passed out and got wuggied
Rich- OWNED!
Teacher- Rich, Detention
Rich- shit:(
by Bigsharn February 25, 2008
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A term from a creepypasta. It is a term that attracts skinwalkers. Then in turn the skinwalkers repeat it to call more and more.
Christian: ...and then I said wuggie. -Ba Dum Tis-
Maria: dude don't say that. That's how skinwalkers come
Christian: it'll be fine wuggie wug....

Friend reading the eulogy: he died doing what he loved..
by Goldmane May 12, 2018
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