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Noted social network for writers who some eventually became published. Noted for having the short story "Scarlet Frost" as it's known as The Fandom Writer of the South. The Cabbie Homicide's writer published this author in his first namesake as he eventually got noticed by some of the House of Pain alumni when he got one of his other novels published. Noted for introducing Spectral Exile and A South Barrington Haunting as the original account was closed by the admins over a blow up at a troll that uses a screen name from Greek Mythology. It's noted for the home of the expose "Boycotting Truth" where the author speaks of Kealan Patrick Burke's House of Pain contribution "The Clause." It's noted for featuring a wide array of genres; though the mid-range short story is harder to come by than it was in 2006-2007 as it's the perfect place to showcase this size for a freebie short story or in the fanfiction terminology a one shot.
Facebook poster, "Have you heard of"
friend -- "Wait the writer who appears in a project where the Ghosts in the Tornado's writer name is in the title."
Poster -- "He discovered the author behind 'Scarlet Frost' on the site as he was developing Tabloid Purposes IV. His signing mate at Gothicfest 2007 was also from this site. It became the replacement for Diary-X as it's also has a blog arrangement like LiveJournal but sections separate for short stories and poetry."
Facebook user: This site -- why haven't I came across this before? It's really been around as long as Wattpad; as one can do full justification with short stories and articles. This really is a budding journalist's soggy dream come true.
by ilinoishorrorman January 16, 2018
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