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1) a powerful goddess sent to earth to help others out, create carnage, give incredibly unique gifts, and leave humor wherever she roams. AKA Laughrodite
Friend of: the Wright Brothers, Jonas Salk, and Martin Luther King

2) one that goes to the extremes for any and all things ; one of the 9s

3) a rager; a champion
1. Phil won the election.

Shoulda gone to Wrengash.

2. Dude, did hurricane Ike hit your house last night?


Oh, Wrengash must of spared you.

3. Teacher: "Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades were the three sons of Cronus. Wrengash was the only daughter."

Students: "Hail Wrengash!"
by Danielle Radcliffe September 21, 2008
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An earthquake harnessed.
The fury of the heavens unleashed.
The fists of the world.
The new Martin Luther King Jr.
1. Did you see that guy commit suicide off that building?
Yeah, Wrengash made him do it.

2. Wrengash infected me with AIDS,
then cured me from it.

3.Wrengash is the new Zeus.

4. Did you hear that Obama won the election?
Yeah, shoulda gone to Wrengash.

5. Is that a meteor shower in your backyard?
Yeah, Wrengash got mad.
by kt killas July 21, 2008
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