A hardcore band from Lorain, Ohio. The singer, Ryan Hardwick yells lyrics of woe from ex girlfriends while trying to look tough. The band is a bunch of music snobs, pretentious assholes, who think that you are only as cool as how many hardcore bands you can name, how much you know about them, and how many tattoos you can acquire visibly.
I went to see that band Wreak Havoc the other day, their singer sounds like his balls have not dropped yet.
by Fag Hag Faggot Faggggggg September 9, 2010
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Causing mayhem and destruction.
Used in a sentence:
Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on the citizens of Louisiana.
by HISprincess7 March 21, 2018
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When the whole squad is sluts and has STD
by Loveskabb101 November 14, 2019
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