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Pronounced 'wot', but with a slurred and dopey emphasis.

A completely nonsensical way of responding to an otherwise intelligent question or statement. This type of behaviour would generally be exhibited by an unsophisticated or uncultured person. In Australia and New Zealand, this person is normally referred to as a bogan. Other demographics might refer to them as rednecks.

The 'Wottt' response will typically occur when either:

1) the question or statement surpasses the basic level of comprehension of the Bogan, or

2) the Bogan is too distracted pondering typical 'Bogan type' thoughts (e.g. VB Beer, flannelette shirts, or what's coming up next edition of Channel 9's A Current Affair program).
Person 1: Hey, did you hear that Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee in June? Can you believe she is only the second monarch to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee in the history of the United Kingdom?

Idiot: Wottt

Person 2: There are 5 of us eating, so when the dinner bill arrives we can just divide the total by 5 to work out how much we each owe.

Idiot: Wottt

Person 2: F*&k you, idiot.
by bacon646 June 25, 2012
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