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An ideology in which one thinks illogically and whom believes they are everything or anything. It is also the study of Worms (Justin Moore) who abides by this ideology only and is in a constant insanity.

If you want more info DM Dominoknocker Via instagram whom is Worms
Wormology - being anything and everything

Girl "me and my mom rode a horse across the field."
Man to girl "I am that horse!"

Wormology - illogical thinking
A baby is being pushed in a stroller what will happen?
A.) nothing
B.) the mom will take it out to breast feed it
C.) the stroller will get stuck

The answer is... D.) a football player will grab the baby and kick a field goal
by Worms the worm leader May 28, 2017
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Self abasement usually by Christians. "You don't know how bad I've been", type blue notes. A symptom of the prison of self abasement.
She often uses wormology when describing her sins, "I am so bad that I can't possibly do good... you want to hear it... blah blah blah....
by Polycarp 55 April 29, 2009
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