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When your dog has worms and drags her ass along the carpet, trying to break the itch.
Ruby: GrrrrRrrRrRRRRr *drags ass along ground*
Me: Mum, Ruby is doing the worm dance! Do we have any more medicine?
by LazyRuby1 November 08, 2009
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In the platynereis genus (Marine Bristle Worm) the female will get so turned on by her partner's erotic dance that, finally unable to restrain herself, she'll lose all conrtol. Consumed with sexual excitement, she'll bite off the sex organs of the male which are located in his rear end. (A kind of endless sex.) She swallows the sperm contained in this mouthful, and the sperm travels through her body to the cache of eggs and fertilises them.
Beau: Hey man! What's that sexy dance you're doing there?
Nick: Oh this? It's called the Wormdance.
Beau: Woah That's great! Makes me want to eat your penis!
by Rawrshack November 18, 2010
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