Someone who has the 'qualities' of celebrity - good looks, raw sex appeal and wealth.
I wish I was WorldFamous.
by HotChick June 10, 2005
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Over nine years, DJ Nu has been among Hip-Hop’s most respected DJs. Recognized for his membership in DJ Association Of Nigeria (djan), Nu is best known for his best smooth mixes on the radio. Additionally, his innovative DJ routines and creative on-air and stage antics have made him a favorite of crowds all over western region in Nigeria as ''Peoples Choice''. Perhaps best known for his thrilling stage show and have made numerous television appearances in Lagos/Oyo state.

Nu has performed at many of the Lagos and Ibadan most important and exciting music shows – The second and third hip hop anniversary in Nigeria at the shrine ikeja Lagos November 28,2005/2006.Ibadan Best Djs Competition,He emerged first runner-up in the search for the best DJ in Oyo state – his mastery of a complex, Four-piece DJ rig and his steelz incorporation of Naija artistes have amazed and delighted crowds of up to 10,000
World famous djnu has appeared alongside many of music’s greats in the spirit of allowing beats to speak for themselves.
Today, Nu is well-known for his innovative Mixes on radio Incorporating a wide range of musical styles – funk,soul, rnb, hip-hop/naija and Tropicana just to mention a few genres of music all effortlessly blended together – Nu- revels in surprising audiences with a forgotten gem, an unknown banger, or a fresh take on a well-known hit.From lagos to Ibadan Nu-carefully, explosively make use of the energetic DJ sets that has never failed to get a party rocking.
He Goes By The Unforgettable Name WorldFamous Dj Nu,the most entertaining Deejay In Oyo State.{AWARDED} Second Best deejay In The City of Ibadan October 1st 2007 and January ...1st 2011 he was Crowned as King of deejays in oyo state Nigeria.
by PeoplezChoice April 11, 2011
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