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A massively multiplayer online simulation. Set in half scale Europe (so far only Belgium, Luxembourg, northern France, southern Netherlands, western Germany and south-eastern England have had towns and cities modelled in) in 1940, you can choose to play as Germany, England or France, in their respective Navy, Air Force, or Army.

Every piece of equipment is modelled historically and accurately, meaning no hitpoint vehicles (like in Battlefield 1942... throwing a nade at a Panzer IV doesn't do anything to it, other than alert the driver that you're there). As the campaign goes on, more vehicles are "researched" and introduced into the game whilst playing, such as the Crusader tanks and Spitfire Mk V for England, lend/lease vehicles for France such as the P-38 Lightning and Sherman tank, and the Panzer IVG and Focke-Wulf 190A for Germany.

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"Damn... I just got bounced by some Run09s in World War 2 Online"
by Gribble March 22, 2005
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A FUN game that, contrary to what that "anonymous" fag-ass said, lots of people play. I bet he's a BF1942 player who was getting his ass owned in this because it's exactly the opposite of's REALISTIC. It is the first and only WWII MMO in first-person. Unlike World of Warcraft, this game is actually WORTH paying $15 a month for. The game is set in the early years of WWII (1940-41), so only the vehicles, weapons, and armies that were there during that time period are available. You can play as Axis (Germany) or Allies (Britain, France), across 1/2 scale of actual Europe. Each country has its own military personas (Army, Air Force, and Navy) from which you can choose from. As you gain kills (and town captures when you play as Infantry) you gain experience, which leads to a promotion of your rank. Your rank will carry over from each persona, no matter what country (Say you kill 5 enemy soldiers as a German Army rifleman, and gain 7% towards a promotion, your British/French Army personas will also have 7% towards a promotion now too, regardless of where you've played them or not) until rank 5. After you reach Rank 3 on any persona, you unlock the ability to spawn newer and better technology. (For instance, you can spawn better, more powerful tanks when you reach rank 3 on Army). After reaching rank 5 on any persona, you are considered an officer, and the experience you gain after is separate for each individual country. At rank 5 you also unlock the rest of the tanks, planes, and ships (in their respective personas) that were not yet unlocked in rank 3, such as a Paratrooper which can participate in "Para missions" where a pilot (from Air Force) flies a bunch of paratroopers (from Army) in a transport plane from an airfield over a designated target. A para mission's flight can last anywhere from 5 minutes to over 30, depending on the distance between the target and the airfield, some of which in the meantime the funniest and weirdest conversations take place inside the transport. WWII Online may be hard at first for many first-time players, but the game features a Help channel in chat so beginners can ask questions about the game. Also, (unlike almost any other online game) the game's community is very helpful, especially to beginning players. WWII Online even features an Online Training server for players that want to practice against others but don't want to waste their sides' resources. Most new players are encouraged to join squads, which are WWII Online's form of clans, except they're not fags (which clanners usually are), to help them get into the game. I would recommend getting a joystick before playing into the game, otherwise vehicles, planes, and ships would be very hard to control, as you would need to re-map all of your actions to the keyboard. In summary, WWII Online is not your typical hacker/whore/n00b/glitcher/clan fag-filled FPS. If you want all that, go play Counter-Strike or any of the Battlefield games (most prominently Battlefield 2) where it's all common. It is about realism and teamwork. It is also easy to get used to (if you can read and understand what I'm talking about, you can easily play this game) unless you're an ignorant retard like "anonymous" who obviously didn't take half a fucking hour to play and understand the game before posting some false crap on UrbanDictionay.
World War 2 Online takes time and patience, is not a game for fags like "anonymous" who probably just got off BF2 to try this for 5 minutes, got killed, and gave up.

Unlike World of Nerdcraft, this game is very fun, has a diverse community, and is worth the $15 a month price.

No wonder "anonymous" is making himself anonymous, otherwise If I were ever to meet him in person, I'd punch his face in so hard that it would stick out the back of his head...fuckin BF2 fag.
I'm gonna go play some WWII Online now!
by WWII Online fan August 15, 2006
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A Massive Multiplayer Online game. It is set in a fictional battle of France in 1940.
by Jeremy Cobb June 01, 2003
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The worst game out there. The game scales europe and is massivly played by hardly any people.

Also know for having people try to say its very good.

Hey let's Play World War 2 Online!.... oh wait... no one plays this shit
by Anonymous March 07, 2003
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