A term used to decree an act caught on video that was so talentless and heartless it deserved to go on worldstarhiphop.com
brick to head worldstarhiphop! auka auka auka worldstarhiphop!
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by YakovIvanov August 06, 2018
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A crappy hip hop themed video blog that started in 2005 and is still continuing to this day for some reason. It is most infamous for its videos of terrible street fights, overuse of godawful internet memes, garbage rap music and other videos depicting various other acts of violence.
WorldStarHipHop is one of the many things making the black community look worse than ever. I'm not joking when I say that I saw a video on there of a kid with a real life gun looking all hardcore. Is that what we wanna allow? Do we want our kids to grow up as something worse than this generation? Kids shouldn't even be on the internet in the first place so parents really should stop being so lazy and actually watch what their kids are doing online.
by CelticEagle February 16, 2019
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