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Disorder in the workplace where the person who does the least (if any) amount of work does the most complaining about "how busy" or "how crazy" the office is in order to garner sympathy from customers. The irony is that the person displaying Workplace Munchausen Syndrome looks like a fool to most of the people they whine to, since they are standing around whining while the workplace grinds on behind them, thus proving that they are irrelevant to the work being performed and/or the biggest slacker in the workplace.
Tami continuously complained about "how crazy" the workplace had been for the last six weeks, despite the fact that her inbox was full, her outbox was empty, and the customer she was complaining to was there to complain that she hadn't processed his check. She clearly has Workplace Munchausen Syndrome.
by JustAnotherGuy March 05, 2013
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