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The word to describe those irritatingly dull people in a work environment who insist on making conversation that is so frequent dull and unnecessary that you just want to put them back into their hole.

The are usually those of a lower status such as a secretary or a book keeper who have being doing the job for a hundred years but will never get promoted.

The conversation is usually about the weather, the amount of work they have to do or how well their 28 year old son did at university.

They also tend to try to relate to those younger by mentioning things they deem cool such as a rock band or a type of dance move. They constantly make you cringe and to be honest you wouldn't really mind if they had an unfortunate accident on the way to work. Everyday you get closer to telling them to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

There mannerisms are usually mole like and it is uncommon for them not to have glasses.
Example 1:

Bert arrives at office.

Mary (Workmole): oooo hello burt, how are you? Good day yesterday?

Bert: yes thanks Mary, see you later

Bert heads towards the door

Mary: "ooo, yes, apparently later the weathers going to clear up, i have so much work to do though, god! And to top it off my husband and i are going to a salsa night tomorrow so ive just go so much to get done by then. Ooo and alice is having her baby thats 3 weeks late, shes so big now. I have these weeds in my garnen that i just need to get rid of, their driving me mad......"

Bert has left the room.

Example two:

2 colleges are at the coffee machine

College 1: "i need to photo copy these but I dont think I can stand Mary"

College 2: "oh i know, shes such a work mole"
by cammywonder September 10, 2009
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