Usually around a 50 year old male that attempts to send his kids to private school. Also one that might recycle a pogo stick
Dads who do word of the day usually sent the daily word to there family group chat
by 50 year old who plays golf August 10, 2019
Words people use in arguments when they don't actually know what it means; or a word someone uses as an excuse or to accuse someone. Often said by people who saw a word used by another person and not even going as far to search what it means.
1. "you're a fucking nazi"

"do you even know what a Nazi is? Or are you just using an argument word"
by Existential Pain November 27, 2021
Another way of saying die, dying or dead without twitter suspending your account or other social media platforms censoring your comment or post. Social media moderators takes everything you say literally. Unless you’re using the word in an informative way, twitter will see it as a threat, harassment or bullying. So even if you meant to tell your friend to die as a joke, when that tweet is reported, twitter support will see it as an actual threat. This often results in twitter either taking down your posts, limiting your account functions or simply permanently banning your account. This abbreviation is now being used across all social media platforms. Many have naturally included the term in their normal vocabulary. Unfortunately, twitter seems to have figured it out and can easily figure out what you mean with context, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
Twitter user A: What the hell bitch isn’t it hot today?

Twitter user B: Yes omg, I feel like i’m going to d word at any moment. Fuck summer! Winter is superior.

Twitter user A: Purr
by loonatheworld November 24, 2021
A word or phrase which displays weakness, fear and no backbone. A word that is lacking conviction and certainty.
Examples of cow-words are : "Maybe", "I'll let you kNOw", "I can't" , "I'm scared",
by hardstyler December 11, 2022