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A useful heuristic for ascertaining proper pronunciation in anglo-germanic languages. A good correction algorithm for latinate words.
"Triple" in English, a common latinate word with a familiar pronunciation. Word Balancing can help to ascertain the pronunciation of the word's Belgian variant, "Trippel."

Note that "Triple" has 3 letters in each syllable, and that in English, the stress is on the first syllable.

Note that in the Belgian equivalent, an extra "p" shifts the center of gravity of the word to the right.

This is the simplest case of word-balancing - known as the "contratextual moment" principle (similar in concept to changing moments of inertia in physics). It tells you that, in this case, a stress should be placed on the second syllable: triPPEL.
by v14B+ September 21, 2010
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