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A 'WOOGUT' can be used to describe a female if they are annoying or do something really dumb, it can also be expressive if you become angry with a female. You would use this word instead of bitch because this word is the lowest form to be called if you really want to get back at a female verbally. In my day we would reference a woogut as a female and wingnut as a male.
1.That stupid 'woogut' she fucked up our order.

2.Get this Fucken 'woogut' out of my face before I punch her in the head.
3. Look at that 'woogut' she's right back with the "wingnut" again!

4. That 'woogut' is as dumb as a box of rocks!
5. Your a Fucken 'woogut'!!!
by Russtina September 10, 2011
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I was at a friends house and I heard her mom calling out for Woogut. I asked who she was calling out to and my friend laughed and said it was her sisters cat that she had named Woogut. Then she asked me if I knew what Woogut means and it means Bald Pussy. From that day on it was hilarious to here her mom and dad call our to the household cat . Woogut!
My boyfriend asked me if he was going to be treated to my Woogut tonight. I was unprepared because I had no shavers to make this possible
by Mrs. Laws June 12, 2019
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