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Often designating the best of the dogs. The leader of dog kingdom that is considered the most brave, courageous and heroic of all woofs.
Cats and dogs fighting...
Random cat: "Look, our leader Miaow is being stopped by a woof!"
Another cat: " Oh no, he's too good of a woof for Miaow... He is Woofu!"
Proceed to retreat.
by Tonton314 February 15, 2018
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An exclaimed code word to indicate when a teacher or authority figure is approaching. Meant to warn friends so they do not do anything to get into trouble.
Oh dude so i was about to " (friend interrupts) " Woofus!!! " (authority figure passes) "Aw thanks man, any ways so i was about to fuck my girl the other day but then she said she had crabs. FML!!!"
by Themannamedme April 25, 2011
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