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Noun - A word used to call someone out on a lie or untruth. Built off the term 'Woofing'
"Man, you didn't get an A in your Space Weather class; why you dropping woof tickets?"
by CaptainPlanet August 31, 2006
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In The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Betty Parham and Gerrie Ferris
wrote in 1992, "Although its origin is uncertain, 'woof ticket' is a
somewhat dated phrase that refers to an outrageous or exaggerated boast
meant to intimidate or impress the listener." Woof is a Black English
pronunciation of "wolf." According to Geneva Smitherman's 1994 "Black Talk,"
a woof ticket is "a verbal threat, which one sells to somebody; may or may
not be real. Often used as a strategy to make another person back down and
surrender to what that person perceives as a superior power." Tom McIntyre,
professor of special education at Hunter College in New York, noted nearly a
decade ago: "Woofing is especially effective against those who are
unfamiliar with it and don't realize that it is most often 'all show and no
go.' . . . The menacing behavior can usually be defused and eliminated by
informed, tactful action." He advised teachers to "look secure and
self-assured while you withdraw." In the context of the basketball star
Howard's remarks, woof tickets are not to be bought; on the contrary, he
uses the phrase to show that performance, and not intimidating attitude, is
needed to "get it together."
I don't believe the hype or buy a Woof ticket. Nigga you make a gang of noise and never seem like a cricket.
- Xzibit, "Paparazzi"
by Bud Smoker January 18, 2004
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An ugly, skanky ho (sometimes fat, sometimes not) that was porked in a temporary lapse of judgment.
Man I got so drunk last night I punched that woof ticket more than once before I escaped.
by Dustin "Dirty Sanchez" Diamond February 11, 2009
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