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Recently opened in 2008. It's sort of a crappy school mainly because there are no traditions laid down and all the sports and fine arts opportunities/curriculums suck. We have no reputation except being the "new" school. The auditorium is rather nice though, probably the best in our district. There's only 906 people that go there but it feels super crowded. Females can't wear real shorts or tank tops because the staff feels that they will attract pedo's. unfortunately females just want to cool off. our mascot is thunder which is kind of stupid and ridiculous because we don't actually have a mascot and if we did, it would probably be something ridiculous like a guy dressed up in a thundercloud costume. our colors are teal, black, and silver which is pretty uncommon so that's good. The name of this school is so unoriginal I almost cried when they officially named it Woodstock North High School. That sounds just like Woodstock High School except they added the word north in there. very unoriginal. Our school isn't even North of the other school. So yeah. Overall a brand new school that I don't enjoy going to because there isn't a good reputation and the sports/music/art/and theater opportunities suck. If you like a new, bland school then this is the school for you.
Where do you go to high school again?

Woodstock North High School.

Oh, that new place?


haha! your football team lost against us.... 4 times in a row!
by WNHS August 27, 2011
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the school needs to set their priorities straight. the AP program is a joke. guidance is ordered to push as many kids into AP classes as humanely possible regardless of whether or not the student really wants to/belongs in there . also, if you wanna drop an AP class, you need to schedule a meeting with the principal. it's a last ditch effort to keep you in the class you wanna drop.

the AP program stresses the shit out of kids, and ultimately leads to less participation from the student that was assigned to an AP class against his will as his/her high school years go on.

they like to say "oh don't take 5 AP classes it's too much" but that's exactly what they want from those top students that think they're capable of keeping up with that many AP classes. no exceptions are granted to those taking 3+ AP classes - still gotta sit down with the principal, have your parents sign some bullshit, talk to the teacher who's teaching the AP class you wanna drop... it's disgusting.

the front office is full of power-hungry staff members looking to get the principal job. so much ass kissing, so many phonies, it's remarkable.

the school isn't terrible though. the staff is pretty damn good, the student body seems to gradually become more involved in school activities, there's actually some color within school walls now... outdated rules and shady politics seem to be the big issues here. so much potential, i hope it's eventually fulfilled.
you're from woodstock, right? do you go to woodstock high school?

no, i go to woodstock north high school, the one that looks like a prison.
by nexus_06 December 26, 2017
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