a camp with about 100 kids per summer that bulids amazing kids and wonderful people and friendships
man i had an awesome summer at woodcraft.
did u make many friends?
by chumlygirl93 February 11, 2010
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A once thriving residential building contractor in the mainline suburbs of Philadelphia which grew from hard work of many talented carpenters and through word of mouth became the go to builder for some of the more wealthy and influential residents of this area. Once well respected and known for its leadership and talented diverse crew and a Dominican guy and a washed up cokehead Eagles fan which excelled in high quality work until the late 2000’s when the long slow process of the changing of hands in ownership to the next generation quickly brought in new practices of betrayal, over charging, and a drug induced I don’t give a fuck mentality to old and new customers alike. Often robbing Peter to Pay Paul like techniques and the new norm in which paying sub contractors was optional, mostly months after billing if at all. There final years they got by on pure luck if even finishing a job at all. When the cloud of smoke settled the leader still was reported missing and on the run. (Probably getting high)The last known employees were seen withdrawing from a job site like American soldiers leaving the embassy in Vietnam in the final days trying not to be over run by subs, inspectors, and home owners.

All gave some , Some gave all
Forty years of hard work to build up Custom Woodcraft was all destroyed by a pill popping, spoiled dick who was handed everything and still failed.

Andrew the electrician is still waiting for a check from Custom Woodcraft.

Rick the painter and his companion Terry are just two examples of what could have been if. It for Custom Woodcraft.

Now that Custom Woodcraft is no more, Jose now owns a tire shop he acquired from a loan he got from sucking off a rich 70 year old college professor.
by Fyou123 May 14, 2019
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Expertise. Originally as applied to survival and thriving in the great outdoors in a military or vocational context. Has morphed somewhat to include possessing the skills needed for a particular situation.
Miranda’s SQL woodcraft is unsurpassed. If you’re having database problems, I’d ask her.
by Saucekwatch May 02, 2018
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