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A redneck, similar to that of a hood-rat, but from the woods, this person I countrified. They probably drive a big lifted truck, own a farm and act tough, despite him being from the country this person is not stupid and will actually fuck your day up if you piss him off.

He has a on off switch for his country boy charm and will steal your girl in a heartbeat if he wants to, he often will be seen drinking l, smoking Marlboros and playing loud country/hickhop music while driving a truck or tractor.
Girl #1: omg jake is sooo annoying with his country boy shit.

Girl #2: nah he just a cool wood-rat
by diggymac June 11, 2018
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Similar to a Hoodrat, a Woodrat is a young female prone to partaking in illicit behaviors that often times lead to undesirable reputations.

The qualifying characteristic of a Woodrat derives from the locations in which she chooses to earn her status. The natural environment of a Woodrat is primarily a semi-forested suburban area, where frequent parties are held.
(Pre Party): Yo, get some Woodrats here, im tryin to get my dick wet.

(Mid Party): Where's Tom?
I think he dipped out to go have sex with that Woodrat.

(Post Party): I raw dogged that Woodrat last night
by WoodRatSlayer January 09, 2010
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young teens, and young adults who hang out in in the numbered streets of wading river. they are commonly found in the woods doing drugs, drinkin booze, building forts, and setting things on fire
im just chillin wit the wood rats doin what the wood rats do
by cookawala August 20, 2008
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A wood rat is a caucasian version of a hood rat. Hood rat was a word that was originally based on the black female in the hood who acted permiscuosly. So a wood rat is the white girl version of the hood rat. Wood is a term used for a white Male, so hence the white female with questionable moral integrity has been dubbed the woodrat.
Hey homeboy get rid of your old lady cause I got this woodrat coming thru to suck our ducks an buy some shit.
by HOgG lifer August 23, 2018
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