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Wombat Poker is the resistance movement opposing the action that the US department of Justice took on Pokerstars, Full Tilt, and Absolute Poker in April 2011.
Wombat Poker saved my life in April 2011.
by Tbobwombat April 26, 2011
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Wombat Poker was founded in April 2011 and is/was the last standing fully legal and safe online poker site in the USA. The site's main founder and spokesperson is New York native Pete Lubrano who created Wombat Poker to provide a safe haven for the puppy without a home that he had become.

Wombat Poker features a 79% rakeback program and pays out in Wombat Dollaz. Wombat Poker admits that payouts will take between 90-120 Business Days but Wombat Poker has never had a customer service complaint. Wombat Poker also offers Wombat Points that can be exchanged for Wombat Goodiez in the Wombat Poker Store.
Person A: My money is stuck on FTP, yo I'm fuckin' worried.

Person B: My shit is on Wombat Poker, yo. Just cashed out 50K Wombat Dollaz this morning. My life > yours :)
by peteL April 18, 2011
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