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1. A derogatory slight/name for a group or clique of people, that can be loosely defined as stoner/indie. They're usualy very arrogant when it comes to the arts, but so high that they usually just embarrass themselves.

The origin of the phrase originated from the way that they usually speak, which is usually slow, and often times sounding very, very, high. i.e. "wooooaaaahhh duuuddde"

Sometimes,, they aren't even high at the time. This is the worst type of woah dude.
I was really enjoying that party 'till that fuckin woah dude started preaching to me about politics. He told me that the United States should adopt anarchy as its form of government. When I told him that anarchy was the absence of goverment, so how could it be our form of government, he just hit his bowl and started talking about how bad my musical taste sucked.

God I hate Woah Dude's.
by DatDerFranny November 25, 2008
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