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An individual who resorts to the online game, World of Warcraft, for social interaction. Normally a male, overweight, and generally unattractive, this person makes awkward sexual advances on anyone they catch wind of being a female in an effort to fulfill pathetic fantasies that they never dare in real life. Believing themselves to be witty with lame sarcastic humor, they unsuccessfully pose as someone of any sort of likability. In truth, their delusion of grandeur shields them from the truth in that they are in fact a huge tool. Usually a whiny bitch because of this delusion of grandeur, they believe they are owed something they clearly do not deserve. Eventually, this person will find themselves alone and wondering what happened with their life.
by Tajackamo October 21, 2008
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my boyfriend; spending more time on a ridiculous fantasy game than actually contributing to conversations, issues, and even sex.
I haven't been laid in days, because my boyfriend is a WoW loser.
by Cheebee32 March 31, 2012
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someone who has lost there girlfriend to world of warcraft
person 1: this is the third girl he's lost to that game this year.
person 2: what a WOWloser
by quiesto November 04, 2007
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