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Wizard AIDS is an M.T.D, or a magically transmitted disease. Wizard AIDS is acquired by means of evil sorcerer inflicting it onto a person with a curse, and its can kill you within 5-70 years. Wizard AIDS is only susceptible to children, around the ages of 10-14. Unlike AIDS, Wizard AIDS was invented by the evil sorcerer Andrew of Setten on February 9, 2010. Some people with this disease actually come out with new powers, like the ability to sense sorcerers in disguise, and can inflict instantly fatal cases of Wizard AIDS with pure will. Some people call Wizard AIDS Waids.
Person 1: "Where's Tom?"
Person 2: "Oh, he died from Wizard AIDS yesterday."
Person 1: "But didn't Teddy survive with new powers?"
Person 2: "That only happens to 1 in a million people."
Person 1: "Oh, well sorry about Tom."
by Azn_harrypotter1997 February 22, 2010
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