A German last name slaughtered by the English into "Whitman". Generally misspelled because of Whitman chocolates and Walt Whitman. Now all the Wittmans in the world are forever cursed with the saying "No h, two t's", and the stupid little red line that appears because of SpellCheck.
Person 1: Walt Whitman and Whitman chocolates are both great, but neither of them can spell.
Person 2: Poor things, don't they know it's
by BWittyAlways July 27, 2008
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A not very smart kid. One that usually breaks his shoulder on something stupid like a bleacher or wall. Most likely will play a small instroment.
Bro that kid is such a freaking Wittman.
by The Hero Man October 20, 2020
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Time in a man's life when he realizes his complete absence of his testicles, and becomes aware of his large, flapping vagina lips, resulting in asking another male for a finger-blast.
When Collin grows up, then he will ask for a Wittman Wonder, don't worry little Michael, your first gay experience will come in due time!
by Johnny Sweet March 27, 2003
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The love of your life. The nicest person in the world. Friends with tall people and good at school but doesn’t care until highschool. A common ship is grinn. She is also the worlds prettiest person.
Dang Gracie Wittman looks beautiful today. And she’s smart wow that’s my girl
by Finn lakey December 25, 2017
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