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An extreme ginger, with INSANELY ginger hair.
Causes your eyes to burn with just a glance at it.
A witmiester also frequently wets themselves, unknowingly, until it is embarressingly pointed out by someone.
A witmiester also has a weakness, being touched on the back of the neck. At the slightest touch they immediately start to urge, as if they are going to throw up. Its not pretty.
Witmiesters generally are loners, whos diet consists of reddy brek. But they will sometimes be seen with Lizard guys or tractor boys.
Be warned, if you see a creature with these characteristics, do not approach them, they will growl at you, with attitude. There bite has not yet been witnessed, but trust me, its there.
EEEW, that guy is such a witmiester, check out his soiled trousers and wild, wild hair.
by ArmchairBaybz. December 14, 2009
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