A girl who is strange, but uniquely beautiful
That chick was weird, but a definite Witch Baby
by Linzy November 14, 2003
a Witch that was born from another Witches womb, a baby Witch like 1 day old to 3 years old, not what a novice calls themself, novice and baby Witch has been misconcepted
what are we gonna name our baby Witch?
by anons15 October 3, 2021
a baby Witch is a Witch that was born from another Witch started from one day old, it doesnt mean when a new Witch aka novice Witch is baby Witch, its a misconception, and weird to hear novice Witches new to the craft calling themselfs baby Witch, like are you one year old ? no ? then youre novice Witch, youre not a baby Witch
Priest: our baby Witch is going to grow up in the craft
priestess: oh yes right now shes one week old
by anons15 October 2, 2021