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Also known as "Wizard Staff" this is a fairly new drinking game that always results in the mass consumption of canned beverages.

Requirements: At least two participants (you can play by yourself but then you are an alcoholic) but the more the better, as much canned beer/beverages as you think all participants will drink (trust me, you don't want to have to get more later), at least one roll of duct tape, at least one (but preferably multiple) type of hard alcohol, one shot glass for each player. Bonus points if wizardesque clothing is worn!

Rules: At the beginning of the game, players decide on any special rules, including at which point a boss must be fought. Boss fighting will be discussed later but generally it happens every 3rd or 5th level. See the "Special Rules" section for further explanation. As well, if a prize is to be played for, it should be presented or decided on before play begins. After rules are decided and agreed upon (might be a good idea to write them down in case any late comers come in), all players open their first beverage. When a player has finished his or her first beverage they are now a "Level 1 Wizard". This is important since you can only call yourself a "Level X Wizard" when you have finished X number of beers. They must then "Level Up" by retrieving a full beverage, placing it on top of the now empty can, and securely taping the two together. FYI one or two good wraps of duct tape where the cans meet is usually sufficient, you don't want to over do it or you'll run out. Game play continues in this manner, leveling up after finishing each beverage until the pre-determined "boss fighting" level has been reached.

Boss Fighting: This occurs once you are have finished your 5th beer, assuming you chose to fight a boss every 5th level (3rd beer for every 3rd, etc...). You cannot "Level Up" to a "Level 5 Wizard" (or whatever you chose) until you have fought a boss. This is done by choosing a hard liquor to take a shot of. Your choice is now called "Boss 'name of liquor'" i.e.: Jose Cuervo becomes either "Boss Jose" or "Boss Cuervo". Ideally, at least one other player will need to fight the boss with you, and it is considered acceptable to wait for them to finish a level to "fight" with you. As well, other players are encouraged to assist you in your "battle" with the boss, however doing so will not exempt them from fighting another boss when they reach the "boss fighting level". All players involved in the "battle" must pour a full shot of chosen liquor and then cheers and take it together. Once all shots are gone, the boss in considered defeated and all players needing to level up may now do so. Again, it's important to note that the boss comes at the end of the level; players "Leveling up" to Level 5 (or 3) will be getting their 6th (or 4th) beverage, and will retain "Level 5 Wizard" (or 3) status until they have finished it. No boss should be repeated until players have done battle with all available bosses.

Mini-Games: Players may choose to play other drinking games while playing Wisest Wizard. This is acceptable and encouraged! However, the rules as to how many levels can be obtained by winning a game should be decided on in advance to avoid confrontations later on. Our favorite is "Wizard Chess" better know to the layman as Beirut or Beer Pong. No changes to the game are made, however the winners of each game are awarded two levels (in the form of empty cans) each to add to their staffs. Losers get nothing as they lost the match. Any other game may be played as long as the levels to be awarded at the end are pre-determined. Simple games such as Jacks and Fives do not need any additional levels to be awarded as drinking will commence in a usual manner.

Special Rules: As stated above, additional rules can be submitted at the beginning of the game to further enhance game play. All special rules and subsequent penalties for breaking the rule must be agreed upon by all players who are present at the beginning in order to be official. Any players arriving later in the game are automatically subjected to them. Examples of special rules are:
- Appropriate Wizard Lingo must be used whenever possible:
- "I'm feeling drunk" = "I'm feeling wise"
- "I need another beer" = "I need to Level Up"
- "Let's play Beirut" = "Let's play some Wizard Chess"
and so and so forth.
- Current "Wisest Wizard" gets to create a rule upon "Leveling up". These rules are similar to rules from King's Cup and can either be permanent or last until he (or the new wisest wizard) levels up. Generally it's a good idea to set a starting point for this rule to come into effect, such as level 10 or 12, to avoid too many rules being created.

Winning: In the end, everyone wins thanks to the copious amount of beverages that end up being consumed. However, the person who achieves the highest level is eligible to win a prize that was determined at the beginning of the game. This can either be by the end of the night/next morning or at a pre-determined time, depending on what works better for the game.
"Dude let's get a couple 30 packs and play some Wisest Wizard!"

Girl A: "Look at those guys with the huge staffs made out of beer cans"
Girl B: "Oh, I bet they're playing Wisest Wizard"
Girl A: "That's making me hot, let's go grab them and take off our clothes!"
Girl B: "I'm gonna have two wizards inside of me!"
by WizardChris September 14, 2006
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