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Or simply Dells Wrist. One can contract a case of Dells Wrist by taking a vacation to the Wisconsin Dells. During this vacation, an individual may accumulate a large number of wristbands ranging from water parks to nightclubs. If a local would happen to see an individual with a case of Dells Wrist, they are now alert that the individual with Dells Wrist is a sucker, and will sell them anything for any price, give them bad directions, etc...

During the summer months, severe cases of Dells Wrist may result in white skin behind the wristband caused by the skin around it tanning.

It is encouraged that individuals remove wristbands whenever possible to avoid looking frivolous around their peers.
Wisconsin Dells Wrist can happen in other locations besides the Wisconsin Dells. Places such as Sandusky, Ohio.
Justin: "An individual asked me for directions to Pirates Cove Adventure golf, so I gave him directions to Denny's."

Dakota: "But Denny's and Pirates Cove Adventure Golf are Miles apart! Why would you give such false information?"

Justin: "I saw that he had a severe case of Wisconsin Dells Wrist.:

Dakota: "oh, well then he deserved it for looking so whimsical."
by juptagraw March 24, 2013
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