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A small ass town. There is nothing to do at night except drive into Warsaw, another small ass town, where the best thing to do is go to Steak N Shake at 3am and get all you can eat pancakes. Even those suck bc you might have to wait 4 hours to receive 5 damn pancakes. The village sucks, except for Cerulean if you want to spend $100 for small portions of poorly prepared food

Winona Lake is home to Grace College, another small ass college, where we are on covenant so we cant get turnt and smoke.
Have you seen Winona Lake before?

Yeah, I've heard it's nothing great to see
by HugeHoff October 22, 2015
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A small town within Warsaw Indiana. The actual Lake Winona is part of the town of Winona lake. Winona Lake also has a college (Grace) located inside it. Back in the day it was a really bad area with a lot of drugs, gangs, and violence. Soon they built high walls around parts of the neighborhoods (the nicer ones) and only people who lived their could get in. When the owner of the Zimmer Orthopedic Company came to Winona, he donated large sums of money to make Winona a more enjoyable and friendly place to live. Many businesses started up and art still there today. Winona Lake also had many famous people such as Billy Sunday and many other musicians and writers. Currently Winona Lake has a lot of unique shops such as a bike shop, for the bike trails also located in Winona, a Bakery, an ice cream shop, several small art galleries, and much more. In the summer you can find many teenager and young adults in the park and longboarding around the village.
Hey man did you know that Hayden Panettiere comes to Winona Lake in the summer to visit relitives that live there?

No way!?
by themustachedude December 30, 2011
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