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a man on cam in an adult sex chatroom who will send an emoticon to a female to lure her to view his cam, where he is always m

A man masturbating on cam in an adult chat room who sends emoticons to women in the same room to get them to look at his cam.

Winkwackers usually grab their monkey and head up the mango tree, beating the little fucker like a rented mule.

Winkwackers aggressively masturbate on cam in sex chat rooms, usually do not notice the picture of their mother can also be seen on cam.
man "hey sexybitch123 is my cam working?"
sexybitch123 "you betta not b a winkwacker"

man - "hey look at me completemilf"
complete milf "yall better not be winkwacking"

man "who wants to see me cum on cam"
by bald biting beavers November 15, 2009
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