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The space between a woman's upper thighs just below the pubic region. More noticeable from the rear and more pronounced on thinner girls.
Check that chick's wingspan! It gotta be at least 2 inches! I can see all the way down the street.
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When your partner puts their butt in the air- you stick one thumb in the vagina and the other thumb in the ass - spread your fingers across the ass cheeks- creating a wingspan.
I gave Jill the wingspan manuever and she went wild!
by cupplinme June 17, 2008
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Slang for a Virgin which can be indicated to others covertly by putting your hands in a W shape. Which indicates 2 Vs. The hand gesture was given the name after it's simularity to the logo of the band Wings. The hand gesture has now faded out but the word remains in frequent use.
"She's wingspan"
"There's two wingspan over there"
by CtahhR September 18, 2004
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